Monday, June 30, 2014

Iskashitaa would like to welcome our newest member of our staff - Tyler! Read all about him below.

My name is Tyler Gonzalez, and I am a full-time student at Pima Community College. This upcoming spring I will be graduating and transferring to my currently undecided university of choice. I will be transferring with my Associate of Arts degree with a psych concentration and minor in Spanish. So far I have worked at Iskashitaa for one week, and I will be here for another month. I am a temporary full-time intern who is having a wonderful time working with the community in such a helpful way. Working with refugees is great and being able to help the community contribute to good stewardship regarding natural resources is also a wonderful opportunity. It is great to know that I am making a difference and helping those who need it. Most importantly, in relation to God, it gives me peace to know that there are people and organizations in my community who are contributing to be God’s Good Stewards. 

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