Friday, December 5, 2014

Iskashitaa Refugee Network
Possible Volunteer Positions

1. Geography Volunteer - Map maker for a Good Cause - Iskashitaa has over ten years' worth of data of the location of food resources including fruit trees and gardens at local homes and farms in and near Tucson. We need maps and we need a volunteer to make maps that would help us forward our mission to reduce food waste . The volunteer would be charged with increasing the number of entries by community to input their own data through our website. This position is ideal for a graduate student who can continue for a second semester.

2. Data Entry Volunteer - This volunteer would be responsible for entering data into our current data base in Google Drive. In addition to entering data into our computer system, this volunteer would also be responsible for organizing and entering data into our paper files. Data includes but is not limited to: sign-in sheets from a harvest, event, food workshop, also, volunteer hours and sales-sheets, etc. The most desirable candidate for this position would have experience with the following programs: Google Drive, Excel and SalesForce. This volunteer would also help Iskashitaa report data by converting data into charts, graphs, etc. to share with the greater Tucson area.

3. Journalism Volunteer - Volunteer would review past newsletters, published and unpublished articles about Iskashitaa Refugee Network, identify publications where Iskashitaa Refugee Network could be featured, write articles, conduct interviews and submit them for publication. Volunteer could connect with publications and companies such as: Edible Baja Arizona, Zocalo Tucson Magazine, KVOI 1030 AM The Voice, etc. This could be a one semester or multiple semester volunteer.

4. Media Arts Volunteer - Volunteer will attend Iskashitaa events to collect footage and still photos and create videography and photography projects that Iskashitaa will use to promote our work and increase our capacity to assist refugees in Tucson. This internship may be filled by an undergraduate or graduate student. This may be a one semester or academic year long volunteer position.

5. Social Media Volunteer - This volunteer would be responsible for advertising and promoting our upcoming events at Iskashitaa Refugee Network via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We have a presence on these three social media platforms already but we desire to capitalize on Iskashitaa Refugee Network’s connection within the Tucson community not only with refugees but also with countless volunteers through videos, interviews, intriguing graphic designs, etc.

6. Tucson Refugees Yahoo Group Moderation Volunteer - Tucson Refugees Yahoo Group (TRYG) consists of 360 refugees and refugee service providers as well as volunteers. Intern will research relevant articles to the Tucson Refugees Yahoo Group on topics related to local refugee events and global refugee issues and post at least three articles per week. Additionally the intern will increase usage of TRYG by promoting it to student groups with an interest in international studies, refugee resettlement, and related issues. Intern will be given guidelines for appropriate postings and will moderate the posts from other users, approving them as is appropriate. This may be a one semester or longer term internship.

7. Flyer Distributer - Iskashitaa needs to spread the news about its awesome mission to reduce food waste! Go by bike, car, foot! Whatever it takes to spread the word! This volunteer would simply be responsible for distributing flyers and posting them at coffee shops, landscape companies, restaurants, farmer’s markets, businesses, etc. to help educate the community about our refugee-focused network. Our goal is to advertise for our harvests, food preservation workshops, “Refugee 101,” “Food for Thought,” “Refugee Thanksgiving” andother Iskashitaa Refugee Network community events in order to engage more of the greater Tucson community!

8. Farmers’ Market Partner - This volunteer will be partnered with a refugee to explore the farmers’ markets each week. This position is very fluid and based largely on relationship-building but the goal is to introduce recent refugees to farmers’ markets around Tucson. Ideally, both volunteer and refugee learn about local produce, cooking techniques and how to use SNAP dollars at the farmers’ markets, as well as practice English and meet new people!

9. Thursday Farmers’ Markets Volunteer - This volunteer is expected to table at a farmers’ market of their choice at least once a week. At their own convenience, the volunteer will pick up cash box and other table supplies (table cloth, crafts to sell etc.) from the office, as well as picking up produce we will be selling directly before the market. The volunteer will be able to run the table independently when asked, including taking inventory before and after the market, keeping track of sales, distributing produce to consignment tables we partner with and receiving any necessary receipts. You must provide your own transportation.

10. Cross-Cultural Childcare Volunteer - Are you interested in child-development and cross-cultural experiences? Are you a Psychology, Education, International Studies major or just like spending time with children? While some of the Bhutanese and Somali mothers are attending English classes, their children need to be taken care of by trustworthy and competent childcare volunteers. Ideal volunteers are culturally sensitive individuals who are able to not only take responsibility for themselves but also the children they will being taking care of in this position.

Interested in one of these Volunteer positions? Contact Emily Oshinskie at