English Classes

Our classes serve as a space to empower and assist refugees in becoming more self-sufficient.
We work with refugees of many diverse backgrounds, experiences, languages and cultures.  All of the refugees have had different educational experiences, and our classes are accordingly designed to accommodate all educational backgrounds.
We use a problem-based approach to curricula and lesson plan design, meaning that we find out what the students want to learn, the current needs in the refugee community, and design lessons based on their needs.

Our classes aim to do the following:

  • Facilitate language acquisition
  • Assist in the acculturation process through introducing material that is based on real life-skills in the United States
  • Let teachers serve as cultural brokers, advocates and friends
  • Promote cultural exchange
  • Bridge our classes to Iskashitaa programs and events and to the Tucson community
Because of the time necessary in locating students, forming relationships and starting a class, we ask that all lead teachers be willing to commit to at least six months or more of English teaching.  (Assistant teachers are welcome to volunteer for shorter periods.) If you are interested in volunteering as an English teacher with refugees, please contact our volunteer coordinator at iskashitaafoodworkshops@gmail.com.
The Honors Civic Engagement Team, a partnership of the University of Arizona Honors College and Iskashitaa, also has taught English to refugees in the Tucson community! Click the following link to learn about their work in 2011.