Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mayor and Council Meeting: Plan Tucson

On the evening of June 10th Iskashitaa Director Barbara Eiswerth and I attended the Mayor and Council meeting with the intention of showing support for Plan Tucson, the most recently proposed general plan for the city. Jurisdictions use general plans to address issues having to do with development, and to set forth groundwork and goals which are to be referenced and built upon in the future. A good plan can give a positive flavor to all forthcoming development and help shape a city’s direction. Arizona state law requires that a jurisdiction either adopt a new plan or re-adopt its current plan every ten years.
Plan Tucson was prepared with the goal of replacing the current General Plan in order to emphasize goals, policies, and language that take into account the future of Tucson’s social, economic, and environmental growth. The plan focuses on relationships, stressing the connections that are inherent between all city systems. This plan incorporates sustainability goals and ideals into the workings of the city in ways that have not been seen here before. Sustainability can be loosely defined as the combination of societal, economic, and environmental factors that provide a groundwork for global operations with the purpose of balancing the needs of the present with those of the future. Iskashitaa played a role in assuring that the Local Food System was emphasized as well as fruit and vegetable gleaning being named specifically. If you are interested in policy and would like to represent Iskashitaa in some of these efforts please contact
 For more information about Plan Tucson, including public comment and upcoming meeting dates, please visit

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