Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recipe of the month


Date Syrup - Asel el'taemer  
By Faeza Hillilian

10 lbs of Dates
  1. Wash dates quickly in cold water, wash dates until water is clear
  2. Boil whole dates in pot with water for 2 hours, until date is soft
  3. Remove dates from water and strain dates with a cloth cotton fabric (pillow case). Boil liquid extracted in a pot for 2 additional hours until thick.
  4. Place liquid in plastic or stainless steel trays. Cover and secure with gauze to prevent moister. Leave in sun for 6-10 hours. Until liquid has honey/syrup like consistency.
  5. Package in containers/jars
  6. Ready to enjoy with bread, tajini, etc.
Package in Jars of 1/4 pint

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