Saturday, November 17, 2012

Iskashitaa Welcomes New Staff Member, Kristen Vellinger

Kristen Vellinger developed a passion for refugee rights when working on the Save Darfur campaign in high school. Time living with a number of war torn communities in Central America made her realize the power of community leadership in development, and furthered her desire to work with the refugee community. In college, she worked to promote the empowerment of local communities through international investing and microenterprise, but her favorite activity by far was teaching ESL to adult and high school students. Her senior thesis focused on the importance of community leadership in women's development efforts. As the new AmeriCorps VISTA, Kristen looks forward to working as Resource Coordinator to help further Iskashitaa Refugee Network's transformational impact.

Iskashitaa is excited to welcome Kristin as a new staff member in November.  

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  1. I have been a volunteer with Iskashitaa Refugee Network for 3 years. I do a variety of tasks & enjoy all of them...well maybe...I did find washing raw pumpkin seeds covered with wet pulp a bit tedious. I tried meditating/prayer...but zero inspiration until...POW!! I found my way to finish this task: Each cleaned seed became a symbol of a refugee who enters the USA!! It worked!! My speed increased, my mood was positive & I was so happy!! NOW you might wonder where does Kristen Vellinger fit in with wet pumpkin seeds. She is fun to be with, sees the humor in situations & her laughter is contagious as is her compassion!!! I am so glad she is a staff member of IRN!!!! Come to volunteer at IRN & you will get to meet her!!!