Sunday, February 26, 2012

Harvest 2-24

Learning English is of utmost importance to refugees who enter the United States. Without at least a basic understanding of English, refugees are unable to find jobs and struggle with daily activities like taking the bus, grocery shopping, paying bills. With this in mind, Annie and I set off to an English as a Second Language class at Las Casitas, taught by two other HCETers. One of my favorite parts of the lesson was when the refugees taught us English speakers a little bit of their native tongue. I’m probably misspelling these words, but I learned “dine`” means right and “debre” means left. I can’t wait to use these words at a harvest, the refugees will be so proud of me! There was a great volunteer turnout this week, which was fantastic because I have never seen such a big tangerine tree in my life! We collected 610 pounds of fruit and we still had to leave some behind on the very top of the tree. Overall it was another very successful week in HCET harvesting land.

-Sam HCET intern

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