Saturday, July 18, 2015

Goodbye Note ~Da Eun, summer PR intern

Can’t believe how fast time flies. And how cruel having to say goodbye to one of the most caring, awesome people I’ve met in my life is! For the last 6 very short weeks, I have been Iskashitaa’s summer PR intern specializing in managing social media. I tried to document as many moments as I could, and although I would love to stay a few more weeks, I have collected so much good memory, interesting stories, and lots of love. 
I’m going to miss everyone—Barbara, Melissa, Sherrelle, Stephanie, Chloe, William, Elijah, Ethan, Tula, Pachi, Catchua, and mischievous Nugget. Please say hi to all of the lovely refugees I’ve met throughout the last 6 weeks—Marim, Mary, Asha 1, Asha 2, Faeza, Nas, Alaa, Jasoda, Celestine, Adam, and many more. You all have been the best teachers of life, with so much wisdom to learn from.
I want to share this conversation between me and one of the refugees Iskashitaa helped. Her words are beautiful, and more importantly, they express exactly what I feel about Iskashitaa.

Thank you so much for everything. I promise I come back to Tucson!

Da Eun

~Da Eun, summer PR intern 2015

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