Monday, June 22, 2015

Recipe of the Week (06/22/15)

Treat yourself with these non-chocolate chocolate drinks!

Cool Chocolate Milk (No cocoa)

Time: 10 min
Amount: 1 qt.


1 qt. milk (soy, cashew, almond, etc.), 3 Tbs. carob powder, ¼ tsp. vanilla
Honey and salt to taste (depending on milk)

1. Blend above ingredients till very smooth.

2. Add 1 Tbs. oil for richer milk.

3. Chill.

Carob Banana Milk Shake

Time: 10 minutes
Amount: 1 qt


4 cups milk, soy seed or nut, 1-2 tbsp honey or molasses, 1 ripe banana
½ tsp smooth peanut or cashew butter, 3 tbsp carob powder
1 tbsp coconut or soy milk powder (optional), ice (optional)

1. Add ingredients to blender.

2. Blend.

3. Add ice (optional).

4. Serve hot or cold.

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