Friday, June 12, 2015

Da Eun's Self bio

Hello everyone! My name is Da Eun Lee and I am the summer PR intern in Iskashitaa. I’ll be mainly working for social media aspects of Iskashitaa, which includes promoting events and publications. I am from South Korea, and currently a rising junior in Duke University, majoring in Psychology and possibly Chinese as a double major. I am interested in border issues, originally North Korean and South Korean border, but now more in general sense, the borders of the world.

This has been a first week of my internship in Iskashitaa (can’t believe it has ALREADY been a week!) and I cannot highlight enough how much I have enjoyed my time in Iskashitaa. I have already learned so many different names of vegetables and fruits, how refugees from different parts of the world are integrated into communities by harvesting local crops, and how much they have to give back to the community.

Yet I have to be honest with myself; first week of the work was not only awesome but also a bit confusing, which I think is natural. Since the range of the actions and supports Iskashitaa is giving out was so vast and expansive, it took me a while to get settled and get a good understanding. I am looking forward to learn even more about different borders and how a small-scale local community can help alleviate border problems. Can’t wait to see much more to come in the next five weeks!

~ Da Eun Lee, Iskashitaa summer PR intern

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