Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Adventure Begins

Hey Everyone! My name is Elizabeth Haase, I am a 21-year old student from Simpson University in Redding, CA and a new intern for Iskashitaa. Being here in Tucson for only a week has already introduced me to new obstacles and events. I started my first day at work last Monday by getting lost on the Suntran Bus Route. Growing up in a small town and continuing my education in a small "city" has left me pretty ignorant when it comes to the ways of Public Transportation. None the less, I made it to the office and instantly was given a tour of the office and sent to work.
After a 24 hour long Greyhound bus ride ending just 24 hours prior I was in the Iskashitaa office weighing vegetables. I weighed Cucumbers and Squash, both of which were absolutely amazing. I had spent the entire bus ride and the weeks leading engaged with all sorts of ideas and imaginative assumptions of how work and the office would be. I couldn't have imaged the amount of daily tasks and fires that arise that seem to effortlessly be extinguished by those in the office. First coming in I was  not too sure of my place and role but after a couple of days "I got my groove" and began dealing with Files.
Now beginning my second week in Tucson I am excited to see where and to what this job takes me. I have tried new foods, seen new places, and met new people. I cannot wait to continue this adventure during the next three-weeks and be acquainted with many more.
~Elizabeth, Intern with Iskashitaa

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