Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Celebrate Citrus Season: Feed Families, Not Landfills

The citrus season is in full swing. If you've never celebrated citrus season before, you're missing out. You can start with this game: as you travel around Tucson, search for citrus. How many different types of citrus can you find? How many of those citrus trees will be used to their full potential?

People all over Tucson struggle to feed their families. Though we know others live in poverty and hunger, we don't often think we can help them much. We might donate a few dollars or a few cans, but otherwise we simply give them our well wishes maybe donate some canned goods-all while passing by our neighbor's citrus tree, heavy with unused fruit. Maybe getting involved in addressing food insecurity could be easier than we thought.

Look within your own community-be it your place of worship, your sports club, your workplace, or your social or philanthropic club. Survey your members: does anyone have more fruit than they can use? What about the rest of your neighborhood, your families, and your friends? Perhaps they would like to give their fruit away but simply do not know where to take it or do not have the ability or time to pick it themselves.

What if your group celebrated citrus season by coming together to harvest fruit so it could be given to the food insecure- those who do not know where tomorrow's food comes from, instead of rotting on the tree or ground? Not only can we feed families, we can do it with local and natural food resources that might otherwise go to waste. Why buy Florida oranges when we can pick Tucson oranges ourselves? Better yet, you won't need to buy any harvesting equipment: Iskashitaa can provide bins and pole pickers to groups interested in celebrating citrus season- The Gift of Giving.

What are we waiting for? Let's celebrate citrus season by joining together to feed families instead of landfills. Contact Iskashitaa today for more information or help getting started with your local harvest with people you know!

Stephanie Plotas

Faith Based Liaison

Tel. 520-440-0100

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