Monday, April 8, 2013

Local Honey, Honey!

The masterminds behind Iskashitaa's Food Preservation Workshops are happy to announce a new product, "Grapefruit and Honey Marinade".  We have taken local grapefruits, honey, and chiltipin chilies to create a marinade with a flavorful kick.

The use of local honey has numerous health benefits for connoisseurs. The non-processed form of this honey is loaded with pollen, enzymes and antioxidants. These work as digestive aids, as well as allergy protectants. By digesting the trace amounts of pollen in this honey, you are building a tolerance to the local pollens, and therefore reducing allergies. The enzymes found in the honey work with your own digestive enzymes to aid in the process.

So next time you are cooking chicken or fish, throw some honey-based Iskashitaa marinades on it, and work your way to a healthier you.
Would you like to learn more about this product or how to cook with local foods? Join us for one of our Food Preservation Workshops, which take place regularly every month on the second Monday from 12-5, and the fourth Saturday from 9-2*.

Email for other dates and more information.

*Due to a scheduling problem with the kitchen, there will be no workshop on the 4th Saturday in April.

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