Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's your New Years Resolution?


Are you working on a list? Iskashitaa Refugee Network can help you!

-Eat WELL by purchasing Iskashitaa local food products

-Make a DIFFERENCE in someone's life by welcoming them to the United States

-Create new RELATIONSHIPS with United Nations' refugees while volunteering in our harvests and food workshops

-Eat LOCAL foods by purchasing Iskashitaa locally gle
aned fruits and vegetables and lower your CARBON footprint

-Give a small monetary DONATION to help Iskashitaa continue to provide services to our clients

-DELIVER nutritious FOOD to those in need in our community

-EDUCATE yourself on refugee resettlement by attending REFUGEE 101 in 2013

-Brush up your RESUME and make yourself more employable by INTERNING at Iskashitaa

-DONATE your fruit trees - we'll go harvest them at your home and prevent food WASTE

-EMPOWER an individual by mentoring them to navigate through Tucson

Contact Kristen Vellinger at volunteer@iskashitaa.org for more information or call 520-440-0100

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