Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prickly Preparation

On Friday, Sept 28th Iskashitaa was joined by an amazing group of volunteers from The University of Arizona. With the help of these Public Health graduate students and a few United Nations refugees, we created scrumptious loquat jams and prickly pear pickled garlic (what a tongue twister!). Unfamiliar with loquats? Now is your chance to purchase a product and experience the true delight of this local fruit.          

Despite a "prickly" hiccup of a water-main break, everyone powered through with some bottled water and made the day a success. We would like to extend a particular thank you to our volunteers for their patience and enthusiasm. Our newest interns, Max and Kristin joined us at this workshop to begin their creation of an Iskashitaa cookbook highlighting some of our best recipes as well as refugee stories. Look for our cookbook soon!     

Interested in joining us on the next food workshop? Check out our website at and sign up or join our food workshop mailing list: to stay in the know! Interested in buying a product? Come to Tucson CSA or send us an email.

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