Friday, April 13, 2012

Kadu, Let your Mouth be the Judge

Kadu, Let your Mouth be the Judge
by Mike Parelskin,
Harvesting and Preservation Coordinator
We had another epic day in the St. Francis kitchen!

We preserved a wonderful batch of strawberry-tangelo marmalade, created a lime marinade, juiced grapefruit and oranges, cracked pecans, and one of our refugee cooks, Nargis, made Kadu- all at the same time! Thanks to some great help from Borderlinks volunteers, we had a wonderfully successful day.

Kadu, a dish probably unknown to most of our readers, is something you must try! Kadu is an Afghan savory pumpkin dish made with pumpkin (Nargus used three different varieties), tomatoes, onion, spices, and more. I will let your mouth do the watering while I tell you it is the tastiest pumpkin recipe I have ever had and the pumkins were picked locally by Iskashitaa volunteers and refugees at Bukelew Farms!

Are you interested in trying out this yummy dish? You can try Nargis's Kadu hot off the stove and other dishes from all over the world at Iskashitaa's benefit dinner on Friday April, 20th. To join us for this fantastic dinner, contact Natalie.

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