Sunday, April 1, 2012

HCET Harvesting

The flyering and database phone calls of last week paid off and we got a new location to harvest grapefruit. The last time I harvested grapefruit was the very first harvest I did with Iskashitaa about three months ago and I was excited to go back and test out my skill with the fruit pickers on something bigger than an orange. Annie and I met our two new volunteers at the home and quickly got to work harvesting the huge yellow grapefruits on the tree. I was happy to see that my skill with the picker had improved greatly and I was able to tug down the grapefruits fairly easily—maybe I’ve gained some muscle from all this harvesting! The new volunteers were great; they easily pulled the grapefruits out of the tree with their pickers (putting my first attempt to shame) and weren’t afraid to risk a few scratches to grab grapefruit that had rolled under the tree. We left with four crates full of grapefruits to redistribute to refugees around the Tucson community. It was another successful harvest to end a great week!


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