Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Volunteer of the Month

Sue Troutman

Sue Troutman came to us from St Francis in the Foothills. The best way to describe her is as a Jackie-of-all-trades with a compassionate heart that keeps on giving. The first gift she shared with Iskashitaa was her skillful photography, which we gratefully utilize on our website, on Facebook, and in our newsletter (many of the photos in this newsletter were taken by Sue). Her photographs of baskets, yarn, and homemade clothing help refugees sell their wares. Her camera skills are only the beginning; she also harvests and redistributes fresh fruits and veggies to apartment complexes. She mentors, she lends her compassionate ear, and she practices English with her friends and acquaintances as they learn to navigate the city. She connects people to Iskashitaa resources and skills. She helps us ease our overflowing storage units (organizing helpers wanted). Sometimes it's Sue's simplest acts that make a difference when our staff needs a helping hand after an exhausting day of work at Iskashitaa. She continues to share in refugee lives by taking time to share a cup of tea; she is committed. She finds hope in hopelessness. She finds joy in helping others and being of service. She has offered her caring, her time, her contributions, and yet comes away profoundly changed with a better outlook on life. Thank you Sue!

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