Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harvesting Update & Recipe by Mike Parelskin, Harvesting Coordinator


We are trying to get as many tangerines, tangelos, oranges, and kumquats as we can before they phase out.

HarvestAfter that we will be harvesting predominantly grapefruit as it stays good on the tree much longer than other citrus as it's protected by its thick rind. Extra-thick skinned grapefruit is a sign of an environmental response. It can be brought on by cold weather (i.e. last year's freeze), high nitrogen relative to phosphorus and potassium, or if it is an overly prolific tree it will commonly produce great fruit with a thick rind. Anyhow, keep your eyes out for citrus trees and let us know when you find one!

Recently we made a batch of Sonoran Marmalade from our locally-harvested oranges and kumquats. The recipe has just the right amount of spice to earn its Sonoran identity, and is amazing on toast, baked chicken, and especially pork tenderloin! To create the same finished product in a small batch you will need:

8 oranges

2 handfuls kumquats

2 cups sugar

Pectin (follow packet instructions, I would use 1.5x required amount)

Canning equipment

1. Zest one orange.

2. Peel all oranges, and slice. Add to medium sized pot.

3. Slice kumquats, add to pot.

4. Cover fruit with water and bring to boil.

5. Stir in sugar and pectin.

6. Reduce for 1 hour.


Water bath for 20 minutes in sterilized jars using proper canning methods.

For more about canning and preserving, come cook with us the second Thursday and last Friday of each month! To inquire contact Mike at

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