Sunday, February 5, 2012

HCET Harvest 2-3

I’ll be honest; this week was a little stressful. There is always a struggle to contact and secure refugees and volunteers to come out and work with us, but this Friday I was looking for a driver up until an hour before the harvest. So far we’ve been lucky and always ended up with someone to help out, but not having a concrete plan always worries me. I am learning to be more flexible and adaptable but I’m also hoping that as I make more contacts within the community I will be able to work with a steady group every Friday. In good news I finally met Aloyis, a refugee who I’ve been talking on the phone with for the past three weeks. It was great to put a face to a name, and fun to work with someone close to my age. We harvested delicious tangelos, which I’ve been eating nonstop since the harvest. I was also able to attend Tapestry of Tucson this past Saturday and see some of the beautiful crafts our refugees make. Their skill with sewing and knitting amazes me; I definitely need to take some classes from them. I’m crossing my fingers for another tangelo harvest this Friday, come out and join us if you can!


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