Friday, February 10, 2012

Congratulations to Iskashitaa's Resource Coordinator, Natalie Brown!

Today, Natalie will receive recognition for her hard work and dedication towards protecting human rights! This award will be presented to her from the Arizona chapter of Church Women United.

Natalie Brown previously served as Iskashitaa’s Community Liaison, strengthening existing bonds and creating new partnerships between Iskashitaa and community organizations. A U of A graduate with a degree in molecular and cellular biology, Natalie has been involved with HIV/AIDS education in the U.S., Tanzania, and Mexico. She volunteers her time at Clinica Amistad, which provides free health care on a weekly basis. She was the Director of Education and Community Relations for Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network (TIHAN), but stepped down in order to dedicate more time to working with Iskashitaa. As Iskashitaa's Resource Coordinator, she is looking forward to continuing to learn from the diverse refugee population in Tucson.

We congratulate Natalie Brown for her advocacy and continued perseverance in protecting human rights in Tucson and abroad. Iskashitaa is honored to have Natalie working with us.

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  1. Natalie Brown is one of those rare people who does much but does not blow her own horn!! She works diligently and with heartfelt determination for HIV/AIDS education, elimination & her trips to Africa where she sees the needs rather than reads about them. The honor bestowed upon her by The Arizona Church Women United is exactly perfect: HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD for 2012. Not is she deserving of this great honor, but she is the youngest woman to ever be so honored!!