Thursday, January 19, 2012

Volunteer of the Year 2010: William Aymard!

Many of you know him as the silent (although sometimes not so silent) supporter. Philanthropist, information technology expert, grounds person, mechanic, part of a larger constant cleanup crew, and all around great guy. Since 2003, William Aymard, a good-hearted person, has been dedicated to Iskashitaa, relentlessly working hard to help the organization grow and showing his kindness in unexpected ways to help refugees. He upgrades and backs up computers, maintains printers, the network and the Xerox machine. Mr. Aymard has greatly assisted in the payment of the utilities, the space, internet connection, and the cleaning crew for many years. In between working on his multitude of cars, he STILL manages to repair Iskashitaa vehicles (official and non-official), test drives recent arrivals' first cars before purchase, fixes volunteers', staff, and refugee friends' cars when needed. He welcomes global friends, donations, and endless fruit to our/his parking lot. William is sometimes our captain schlepper, helping transport large donations. In addition to all of this, he finds time advocate on our behalf (especially when no one is earshot). Without his help we could not have reached hundreds of families. Thanks to his assistance and support, over 400,000 pounds of fresh local fruits, vegetables and nuts have been harvested, donated, distributed, juiced, zested, canned, marmaladed, pickled, and preserved since our inception. Thank you William!

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