Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Refugee Voices

The ESL HCET Team's Fall Semester: Refugee Voices

The ESL HCET interns did a wonderful job this semester and showed a great commitment to their classes and especially to their students. The focus of this semester was finding ways to engage their students by using their backgrounds, experiences and culture. Many of interns found ways to incorporate their students' backgrounds in lessons, which encouraged much cultural exchange between the interns and their students. For example, a lesson Kelsey and Taylor held at Oasis Apartments discussed safety in Tucson, focusing on the need to lock doors, using crosswalks and child safety. This lesson turned into a conversation about the culture of safety in Bhutan and Nepal and how there was such a strong sense of community and everyone knew each other, and they did not have these issues like we often have in the United States.

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The winter class schedule will be posted on the Google calendar, so stay tuned! We are always looking for donations for our classes including white boards, white board markers, pencils, notebooks, reading materials, crayons and gently used books. Please contact Kathy Zaleski if you have any materials,

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