Thursday, November 24, 2011

Iskashitaa & Tucson Meet Yourself
Tucson Meet Yourself

What a weekend! Thousands of people traveled to Tucson Meet Yourself during the weekend of the 14th and Iskashitaa was proud to be part of the excitement. Ten refugees worked as artisans exhibiting their crafts and showing visitors their beautiful work. We had basket weavers, loom weavers, knitters, and a bead maker demonstrating with us as Iskashitaa staff helped taught visitors about our work. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to support our work and visit with us. We had a wonderful time!

"Wasn't it fabulous? I loved all your artists and your demonstrations at this year's Tucson Meet Yourself. Your group was engaging and beautifully demonstrated your living traditions. I could have sat and watched Ismail for hours. I liked the way Beth set up the tables and the chairs so the group was more accessible to the visitors. Thank you all for your involvement and for the joyful participation of your artists. I hope they made a lot of money in the store! I hope we work together again, soon!" - Monica

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