Monday, October 11, 2010

Tucson Meet Yourself

Tucson Meet Yourself went off this weekend without a hitch, in other words, it was incredible! So many people and so many cultures. I enjoyed walking past a Swedish table representing my heritage, but I was on my way to the Iskashitaa Refugee Harvesting Network table. On my way I passed many food vendors. I especially enjoyed my Samosas at the Guryasamo booth.

The many smiling faces brought a good feeling to my heart, as everyone was so different from each other and equally enjoying themselves I felt I could also enjoy myself. These kinds of events are why I do what I do.

Oh, and did I mention the fantastic smells of all the food! If anyone missed out on this event I hope the sublime look on her face as she smells her corn makes you jealous. Mark your calender, this is an annual event!

In this picture you can see two friends exchanging interest in one example of Refugee craftwork. They are holding a Burundi Basket weave. Iskashitaa had these on display, and they were available for purchase. The technique behind these handicrafts is fascinating; the basket is made from dried palm leaves and threads of recycled plastic, the leaves are bound into a cord and then spun into a spiral and intricately wrapped in plastic. I was amazed by the patterns they formed.

Walking away from Tucson Meet Yourself, I feel excitement. I'm excited by idea that Iskashitaa connected with many new people through the crafts of Tucson's amazing refugee population. I'm excited to hear if new volunteers will join because of the booth at TMY. Most importantly, I'm excited that people are so involved in their cultures and customs that they work to make Tucson Meet Yourself an annual event. Good job Tucson!

Kenny Nelson

Iskashitaa Intern

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