Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saturday's Art Sale

Iskashitaa will be at the 5th Annual Poets Corner Holiday Art Sale this Saturday, Dec. 5th, 10:00-4:00pm (4221 E. Burns St. -NW of Broadway and Columbus).

Iskashitaa is showcasing the items found in our Holiday Catalog along side the unique works of over 20 artists. Come out and enjoy some refreshments while persuing local, organic food products, refugee-made crafts, ceramics, mixed media, jewelry, fiber art, origami lighting, succulent hangers, garden art, paper sculpture and more.

Also, we would love some volunteer help with this event. Contact Tara at if you are interested.

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  1. I was so pleased to see the Holiday Gift Catalog and the variety of items for sale! I have some fabric yardage which I think might be useful for the various sewing projects. What is the best way to get it to those who can utilize it?
    Also, although it may be a result of my advancing age and presbiopia isues (i.e. the need for reading glasses!), I found it difficult to read the names and contact information listed on the last page of the catalog as well as the small "ads" written in the more elaborate font on the page for hair-braiding and hair-removal. Is it possible to have them enlarged to a slightly bigger font?
    I'd love to see our "Followers List" expand in the upcoming year. How about if the five of us currently listed each commits to personally inviting five friends to receive the blog? Even if just one of our friends accepts our invitation, that would increase readership from five followers to ten followers (but I suspect that the five of us listed possess such excellent skills in the art of convincing others to expand their horizons, we'll get an even higher response rate!!).
    In closing, I want to extend to every member (blog followers and all other Iskashitaa devotees!) my heartfelt desire for a meaningful celebration of their holidays, be it Chanukah, El-Fatirr, Christmas, Kwanzaa ... all spiritual expressions related to this time of year. Not even one of us is exempt from experiencing challenges during our lifetime: from the financial to the political, health, or inter-personal. Yet when we reach out to one another to request or offer support, we strengthen our ability to persevere, to endure, and to ultimately triumph as souls united by our humanity and compassion. I hope for each of you such moments of grace and affirmation in the year ahead of us! From my own cultural and religious traditions, I wish you a love-filled Wigilia and a Joyous Christmas!
    Most sincerely,
    Joan Zatorski