Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking for good music, food and company?

The Love Club of Catalina Foothills High School invites you, your family and friends to join them this Sunday for a Refugee Fundraising Concert!

The Love Club and U of A Eller students are helping Iskashitaa empower refugees with this fundraiser night at St. Francis with ethnic food, refugee services and plenty of things to do:

  • Come view the Refugee Exhibit in Ravenscroft Hall
  • Try Nepalese food
  • Get a henna tattoo done by Bhutanese refugees
  • Spice up your hair with African braids
  • Shape your eybrow using the Asian tradition of threading
  • Watch or participate in an Open Mic/talent show
  • Learn a Bhutanese dance or two taught by refugees
  • Browse the refugee arts and crafts and Iskashitaa's local marmalades for sale.

    Click here for a copy of the flyer for Sunday's Concert.

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