Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HCET helps refugee families save a bundle $$$$

is here for YOU!

Iskashitaa's Honor's College Civic Engagement Team (HCET) from the UofA is teaching refugee families how to get utility discounts from TEP, SWGas, Qwest and Cox lifeline telephone service.

We have offered assistance to refugees from all over the world: Iraq, Bhutan, Somalia, Burundi, Congo, Eritrea, Cuba, ANYWHERE!

We help refugee friends to reduce electric and phone costs only and save:

Save $8.00 off electric bill/month
Save $7.95 off phone bill/month
Total savings of $15.95/month
SAVE UP TO $191.00 each year!

HCET has worked with apartment managers, Tucson International Alliance of Refugee Communities (TIARC), and Bhutanese Mutual Assistance Association of Tucson (BMAAT) to reach a variety of groups. We have visited over 8 apartment complexes and impacted nearly 100 families since September!

To find out where we will be helping to fill out the forms or for more information/questions call Danny: (602) 513-1203 or dmayasich08@gmail.com.

Thank you Honor's Civic Engagement Team and the refugee community volunteers for helping accomplish this lofty goal!

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