Iskashitaa is an inter-generational group of refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East who partner with local Tucson volunteers to harvest approximately 100,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables each year from backyards and local farms, like Buckelew Farms, Native Seeds/SEARCH, and Andy’s Pumpkin Patch, among others. 

These nutritious foods are then redistributed to refugee families from many countries and Tucson organizations that assist families in need. Find out what we are gleaning NOW.
How it works:
  • Volunteers invite the community to donate excess fruit by handing out flyers in neighborhoods and at events. Click here to access the harvesting flyer, then spread it around Tucson!
  • The fruit donor emails Iskashitaa and provides information on tree/s, address, telephone number, and stipulations (locked gate, owner wants to be home, dogs).
  • The Harvesting Coordinator calls the home owner to decide on an approximate time for pick up. (Please be flexible with this time. There are many variables involved.)
  • A team of volunteers are set up.
  • Equipment is picked up outside Iskashitaa's office.
  • Harvesters pick up produce and redistribute it. Volunteers should remember to bring water, snacks, coats or sunscreen, if necessary.
  • Volunteers preserve excess produce by canning, cooking, and drying larger quantities.
Please email, call, or fill out our contact form if you are interested in donating fruit.

Are you part of a group wanting to get involved in our harvesting project? Our harvesting and food preservation workshops are an excellent opportunity for groups. If interested, please give us at least two or three weeks notice about your interest in working with us. Please fill out the group form and return it to the volunteer coordinator when inquiring about working with us.