Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Adventure Begins

Hey Everyone! My name is Elizabeth Haase, I am a 21-year old student from Simpson University in Redding, CA and a new intern for Iskashitaa. Being here in Tucson for only a week has already introduced me to new obstacles and events. I started my first day at work last Monday by getting lost on the Suntran Bus Route. Growing up in a small town and continuing my education in a small "city" has left me pretty ignorant when it comes to the ways of Public Transportation. None the less, I made it to the office and instantly was given a tour of the office and sent to work.
After a 24 hour long Greyhound bus ride ending just 24 hours prior I was in the Iskashitaa office weighing vegetables. I weighed Cucumbers and Squash, both of which were absolutely amazing. I had spent the entire bus ride and the weeks leading engaged with all sorts of ideas and imaginative assumptions of how work and the office would be. I couldn't have imaged the amount of daily tasks and fires that arise that seem to effortlessly be extinguished by those in the office. First coming in I was  not too sure of my place and role but after a couple of days "I got my groove" and began dealing with Files.
Now beginning my second week in Tucson I am excited to see where and to what this job takes me. I have tried new foods, seen new places, and met new people. I cannot wait to continue this adventure during the next three-weeks and be acquainted with many more.
~Elizabeth, Intern with Iskashitaa

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Seville Orange

On my fourth day of work with Iskashitaa, I joined Barbara at a Food Workshop at First United Methodist Church based on the Seville orange. It was my first time being introduced to the orange and at the same time my first time getting acquainted with Iraqi food. Sinbad's (a restaurant here in Tucson) owner and cook Amna came to show those participating in the event that the once thought only ornamental fruit had very good uses with food. The Seville oranges were a key ingredient in the house dressing served over pita chips, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, and house dressing that includes freshly squeezed Seville orange juice.  Talk about an amazing combination. Fallowed by a freshly made Seville orange Marmalade and the combination were perfect. For a first introduction to the Sour orange of Tucson and Fattoush, an Iraqi salad, I was not disappointed. One of the best parts of this is anyone can go and try this amazing dish out themselves for only $7.00 at Sinbad's located at 810 E. University Blvd in Tucson, Arizona.
I enjoyed going along with Barbara to the event at First United Methodist. It was a fun way for me to further my experience Tucson and see an outside portion of the UofA campus. Not only did I see the campus and the different sort of fruit trees on it, I also spent my time meeting new people of Tucson and interacting with a Refugee from Iraq. Though I did not get one on one time with her, I did get to hear her tell us about her life in coming to the US and then a bit about her religion and family dynamic. Her introduction on the differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims was really interesting because she talked about how she and her husband were the opposite as were her parents. Learning this really opened my eyes to viewing Muslims differently and that helps me to become more tolerant.
~Elizabeth, Intern with Iskashitaa